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We live in a world of relationships. Whether they be romantic, platonic, family, or business relationships, we interact with people often enough that communication skills are vital to any healthy relationship.

As your coach, I help you clarify and achieve the goals you’re looking for to be happy and successful. Part of my relationship coaching strategy will be practicing scenarios that allow you to develop your social cues and understand your emotional reactions.

We will simulate past and future scenarios that trigger unwanted behaviors and patterns stemming from your subconscious. I will give you straightforward advice so you break these patterns, overcome social anxiety, and the fear of confrontation. You will gain the skills to resolve arguments and maintain long-lasting, authentic bonds. By working with you individually, we will uncover what’s holding you back from feeling joy, peace, and security in your relationship.

How it Works?

Personalized Strategies

Learn to build Healthy Boundaries

Setting boundaries is an important part of self-care and should not be filled with guilt or confusion. By being able to clearly communicate our boundaries, we become more compassionate towards our partner while staying true to ourselves.

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Ability to cope with conflict and judgment

Conflict and tension are a natural part of any relationship, whether it be an argument with friends, family members, coworker or a loved one. There are ways to cope in the heat of the moment and also recover from the aftermath in a way that best serves all parties involved. Rather than feeling like your emotions are taking over, you will learn how to deal with stressful situations. More importantly, you will start preventing arguments and escalations from happening in the first place.

Achieve Authentic Connections

When you’re confident enough to show the ‘real you’ to your partner, without holding back for fear of judgement, a true connection is formed. When you can be vulnerable to share your thoughts and feelings with another person, a level of security within yourself has been achieved. However, understanding that connection is a two-way street, you will learn to develop stillness and listen to your partner. Being present with your partner is the greatest gift we can give them and helps form that authentic connection we all desire.

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Gain Communication Confidence

Being able to speak from the heart can be difficult for those who are always in their head. Many of us spend our time over analyzing what to say and end up saying nothing at all. During my private relationship coaching, I will equip you with the skills and practice so that you can develop clear and meaningful communication with your partner. Communicating your desires, wants, needs, and boundaries is crucial for any healthy relationship.