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You, me, and your mother are all over social media. It’s a fact that we’re all connected and have easy access to our phones 24/7. Meaning if I don’t receive a text from someone within 24 hours, I assume the worst. Now, when it comes to texting a date, it’s as though some men had the energy to take their phone, lock it in a box, and bury it under the dead sea because their response time is ungodly or at times non existent. 

Now I understand if you’re not feeling a person, the worst thing you can do is ghost him or her after chatting for a bit. But when you actually like someone and your messaging skills are subpar, you’re doing yourself obvious harm. For anyone reading this, the most important thing you can do when texting a potential romantic partner is be consistent. That’s it. You do not have to text back immediately. You do not have to be a comedian. You do not have to send absurdly long paragraphs to be interesting. All you need to do is be consistent. What does that mean?

Being consistent means you text within a reasonable time, consistently. Now, this should not sound exhausting because your goal is to go on an in-person date with her asap. Within a day or two of messaging a girl on a dating app, you need to ask her on a date. Do not wait more than three days.

Once, you’ve set the date, let’s say the date was for next week. You can text her daily regarding very small things like “hey, I hope you have a lovely day, can’t wait for our date next week.” or “Trader Joe’s was packed today but I made it out alive” or “ I tried this new exercise at the gym today” or “What shows are you watching these days?”. These short and sweet messages let her know she’s on your mind and you haven’t forgotten about her. 

This scenario plays out more often than not and it’s what makes men and women frustrated with dating: A guy will eventually ask a girl on a date through a dating app. Let’s say the date was for 5 days later. She’s agreed on the day but no time and place has been set. The guy will not respond for the next five days and then on the day of, he will say something like “Hey, so you still want to go out tonight?” UHM…no, you fool.

So many red flags I can’t even fit in this post. Check out my blog at relationshipconfidence.com to understand how we can fix your dating approach and why it’s hurting your chances of finding a partner. 

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