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Men Need to Take Yoga to Get a Woman

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Men need to take yoga and Zumba classes to meet women. No seriously. If you’re a man and you’re having trouble finding places where there’s an abundance of women, please check out your local gym and start taking yoga, Zumba, and the like. Obviously, besides the great workout, you’re going to receive, you’ll have a chance to interact with women.

This is where it starts. Most people meet their partner based on proximity ie. work, school, or places they frequent regularly. By showing up, even once a week, your chances of meeting a woman shoot up drastically. Eventually, you can start having small talk with a girl you’re interested in by asking her questions, complimenting her form, sharing a joke, etc. The main idea is to GET OUT THERE! I’m so tired of dating apps taking literally FOREVER to work. Men and women alike, must take initiative and start putting themselves out there. It does not end at yoga and Zumba of course.

Join a local Meetup group and play a team sport like volleyball or quidditch. Check out your local animal shelter. If you’re religious, join a local faith-based center. The opportunities are literally endless. Do not rely on dating apps to be your only method of interaction with women. You will be sorely disappointed. Meeting in person is SO much better plus you can practice your social skills. It’s a win-win!

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