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Attract Your Life Partner

Do you struggle meeting women?

Look, I know your routine inside and out. You have a successful tech job where you work long hours and it’s very analytical. You go home, maybe you work out or play a sport. You spend the rest of the night alone, playing video games, watching tv, or scrolling though social media. Your weekends are mainly spent alone. If you have a friend, you might see him for a few hours but it’s nothing emotionally fulfilling.

You want a life partner so badly but no one seems to match with you on the apps and when you go out, you’re afraid to approach women romantically.

You’ve been friend-zoned by most women and the fear of being in a romantic relationship keeps you feeling insecure about your own worthiness as a man. It’s the most grueling yet subtle pain you experience because there’s no degree or course you can take to fix it. There’s no coding software you can download to fix this problem.

It’s now time to change your approach completely. Are you ready for the shift you never knew you needed? The void, the gap, the hole that you’ve felt for so long is ready to be built anew. As a certified life coach, I help men speak up, show up, and conquer their dating struggles. My unique approach will have you meeting more women than you have ever have before. There will be no more confusion about this area of your life. The life you pictured is what we’re going to make reality.

“My coaching is different from any other coach in the silicon valley”

Meet Women

Whether you're shy or introverted, you will be approaching beautiful women (with my by your side making it easy for you). Your social anxiety will lessen dramatically as you learn to hold conversation with any woman.

Build confidence

Overcome your fear of rejection, your fear of being "creepy", and your fear of being seen in public. My coaching method will build your self confidence so you feel good about yourself inside and out.

Date Authentically

No pickup artist tricks here. Learn how to naturally and organically attract women by showing up as your best version. Dating should not be frustrating, exhausting, or confusing. Learn the magic of dating with ease and massive succes.

Do you Fear coming off as Creepy?

Perhaps you’re worried about “bothering” women…
Or freezing up and stumbling on your words around women.
You want to stop overthinking and just be natural.

What if I told you all of this will all go away?

I teach men how to have natural conversation with women and more confidence in their approach.


We practice what you fear most. Talking to women (more than just a friend).

We overcome your biggest fears.

I take you out into the field and we approach women live.

This is built up. 

I progress you through my specific coaching method so you’re prepared on exactly how to approach women in any setting.

  • We role play
  • You approach women as I guide you step by step
  • Your confidence improves
  • You master the art of dating
  • Attract your life partner

Julia Malakiman, M.A.

Dating and Relationship Coach

Hey, it’s Julia Malakiman! I’m a Bay Area native and certified life coach. I help men create extraodinary success in their romantic life by creating true confidence and improving their communication with women.

This was something I had to learn myself. Growing up, I had low self-esteem and dating was not even something I felt worthy of pursing. It took me quite a while to feel comfortable in my skin and comfortable talking to new people.

this is the dating coach (Julia))

Find your Life Partner

Become the best version of yourself. We will tackle your mental road blocks and then apply what you’ve learned during live training.

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