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Is it possible to date in the Silicon Valley?

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When it comes to dating, I’d argue that the Silicon Valley ranks as one of the lowest in terms of areas with a positive dating experience. There are plenty of opportunities for dating, meaning we have a bustling nightlife in downtown San Jose, Santana Row, Campbell, Palo Alto, etc.. There are indoor and outdoor activities to experience that are fun and exciting. Yet, you’re more likely to see a group of guys hanging out by themselves or a group of girls chilling and catching up with friends, than you would couples on a date night. So where are all the lovers in the Silicon Valley? 

The lovers are loving themselves at home, watching another episode of Schitts Creek and eating the latest Trader Joe’s festive cookie. Actually, I have no idea what people are doing at home. But I assume if you’re at home reading this, you’re not out finding someone to date. So whether you’re busy (understandable), tired (understandable), or frustrated with the apps (understandable) I urge you to try again…and again….and again (but this time with a coach)…so you can actually enjoy the art of dating.

Trust me, I understand burnout, dating burnout, work burnout, life burnout, it’s a yucky and suffocating feeling. No one would wish it on their worst enemy. However, being able to build a confident and mentally resilient version of yourself is worth fighting for, always. Being able to date smartly and with an action plan is like walking up to a car salesman and knowing you won’t settle until your final price is honored, it’s that powerful.

Ultimately, I want the Silicon Valley to be a thriving dating hub. Where people from all walks of life can come and find a potential partner with ease because they know how to and they witness the flirtation happen all around them. Whether a man or woman or non-binary person approaches first, it does not matter, what matters is that the courage to do so it there. We need courageous daters. We need people to walk into a public venue and not be afraid to talk to another human being. We can all do it. We can all certainly get better at it too.

Romance is brewing…look out for events on my website.

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