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How to Hack Dating in Silicon Valley

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Dating in the Silicon Valley can be tough. I get it. It seems like men are more into their computers than women. There’s no real dating culture that can be associated with the Bay Area because it lacks that almost completely. But there’s no reason the Silicon Valley couldn’t add romance to what it gets right. 

The Silicon Valley is filled with intelligent, creative, and diverse people. Many of whom are focused on work or joining that next start up. This is understandable. But with the amount of singles living here, the time is always right to begin dating. But how?

Dating apps are a great way to first meet people virtually. To be honest, the Silicon Valley isn’t the most walkable area, unless you’re downtown somewhere or being coached by me and I take you to all the hot spots, meeting people online may be your way to go. 

However, the reason men are getting ghosted before their first in person date even begins is because something’s gone wrong, either on their profile, or how they begin or carry a virtual conversation. And trust me, there’s no alrothigm you can look up to solve this problem, it’s simply practice.

Practicing how to become a better flirt, dater, gentleman, and conversationalist, takes work. The energy you give off plays a huge role in whether a lady wants to see you again. Are you talking too much about your work? Are you explaining very technical things about your job that leave her uninterested? Or, are you keeping the conversation playful and light? Are you making her laugh or listening to her interests carefully? 

The Bay Area has so much to offer than other cities don’t. Take advantage of that. Take advantage of the fact that you can take your date to San Pedro Square one day, Santa Cruz another day, and San Francisco a third day. If you don’t know where to take a date, you may need to look inwards and find more hobbies. Find hobbies that bring you joy and get you outside your comfort zone. Not only will this help you become more social, but it will help you discover more of what the beautiful Bay Area has to offer. 

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