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Ghosting vs Sasquatching 💀

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It’s Halloween season folks! (SHHHH scroll to the bottom and submit your Tinder Terror Story)

The scariest time of the year is upon us. 

Now I know what some of you are thinking…. There’s nothing scarier than dating in 2022….. AHHHHHH THE HORROR!!!🧟‍♀️😱

Trust me, I get it…ghosting is a real problem. … And now there’s Sasquatching and Loch Nessing, can it get any better? (ALL ARE BAD, don’t let the image below fool you).

Now let me tell you a horror story….

Before joining my coaching program, my client was tackling the dating apps on his own (good grief 🙄). 

He was able to start conversations with women and about half the women responded back. He tried his best to keep the conversation alive and interesting yet EVERY SINGLE WOMAN GHOSTED HIM. Meaning, a back-and-forth conversation started and then like clockwork….POOF, she’s gone….no reasons, no communication, no explanations….💀

(Btw, for the ladies and men who do this, it oozes immaturity and disrespect…do better!

He was so perplexed and burnt out with online dating (which totally makes sense). “Am I the problem?” He thought. “What am I doing wrong?” “Dating fkn sucks and women don’t know what they want” is what he told me. 

He knew he wanted a sweet lady to spend time with (not some ghost, although that would be a fun costume IRL) 

So he did what any smart man would do who’s struggling with dating. He sought help. 

Not from his friends…because they literally made him feel worse. 

He came to me, an expert dating coach who specializes in anti-ghosting tactics and only the best dating strategies to finally get you a romantic partner for life (not just cuffing season, hallelujah🙌).

You see, my client was not the problem.. He was and is completely lovable. He was able to realize this during our private coaching sessions.

It was just the practical things (the things no one teaches us about dating) that he needed to learn to AVOID these annoying ghosters and trolls 🤡 on online dating apps. 

Over the course of our sessions, he learned how to exude true confidence (both in person and on the apps), have fantastic conversations, and QUICKLY get in-person dates….because why wait? 

It’s like those horror movies that have a happy ending. Someone please tell me which one that is….I can’t keep my eyes open long enough. 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈
I think this one has a happy ending…

You made it to the end, here’s a special opportunity just for you…

If you’ve had a crazy online dating experience (A TINDER TERROR) send me your story!! The best (I guess it’d be worst 😅) story will get one free coaching session with me! Simply because I feel for your pain. Email me at julia@svdatingcoach.com with your tinder terror story.

With Love, 

Julia Malakiman
Silicon Valley’s Dating and Relationship Coach 

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