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Start Dating with Success and Clarity

by Julia
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Do you feel STUCK and frustrated with finding women to date in the Bay Area?

You try the online dating apps but you get ZERO matches?

You’re lonely a lot of the time and completely fed UP with trying to find a partner.

Or maybe you struggle with speaking to beautiful women…

There is a solution to your struggles. During this 2 hour workshop I’m going to give you the tools to finally succeed at dating in the Bay Area.

You see, dating shouldn’t be exhausting, frustrating, or confusing.

However for must of us, it is.

We haven’t been taught how to navigate modern dating because it’s ever changing and women expectations are changing (often to unrealistic heights) which makes men want to give up or go into desperate mode when a lot of their problems could be avoided.

You just don’t know how to do this…yet.

This workshop is going to help you feel better about yourself and your dating roadmap.

We’re often confused about meeting women because no one tells us how to do it.

I’m going to show you the secrets to a killer dating profile and HOW to approach women in ANY setting.

We will practice approaching during this live small group workshop.

You will learn..

HOW to talk to women
WHERE to meet them
WHY you’re getting friend zoned…
And more!

Learn what most men are doing wrong and the secret to fixing it for good.

I’ll help you have an action plan and right mindset to tackle your biggest struggle.

Learn how to:

✅ Have Confidence with Women

✅ Be Engaging but Not Desperate

✅ Online Dating Strategy

✅ Live Approaching Practice during the Workshop

✅ Pinpoint your Blind Spots

Event Details:

Date: Thursday December 21st

Time: 6:00pm -8:00pm PST

Location: 1631 N 1st St suite 200, San Jose, CA 95112, USA

I’m going to go over the fundamental pieces of attraction and how to keep women interested in you. In this workshop, I will use your live examples and troubleshoot specific scenarios that have gone “wrong” in your past dating experiences.

We will also be doing live approaching rounds during this workshop.

This workshop is for men who are frustrated with dating in the Bay Area. Whether you were born here or immigrated, there are blind spots you’re unaware of.

I’ve worked with over 50 men specifically in the Bay Are to help them become their most attractive self. Women can read desperation from a mile away which is why thousands of high quality women are single today.

There are tons of women in the Bay Area just waiting to meet you but you’re not showing yourself to them.

It takes courage to let women judge you, reject you, or even dislike you. It requires feeling uncomfortable approaching women and doing new things.

This is why most people won’t do it. But consider what you’re missing out on.

The reward of doing what you want without letting fear stop you is the ultimate confidence. Not letting excuses hold you back will finally allow you to get what you truly want.

This workshop will walk you through how to get the girl, be more confident, and have better social skills.

About your host….

Hey! It’s Julia Malakiman! I coach high achieving men in the Bay Area who struggle with putting themself out there or being confident in relationships.

I grew up in the South Bay and struggled with my own confidence and self-esteem but started to learn that my attractiveness and worthiness isn’t determined by other people.

I began building my confidence by risking rejection and risking judgment from other people.

I now help men who are shy or introverted be comfortable in their own skin.

I see many men who enjoy their work and have a good job but when it comes to dating or interactions with women, it’s like the spark goes away and timidness takes over.

Your potential is too great for this to happen. Learn the solutions as I guide you to success. If you want real results, let’s start taking action. I’m going to show you exactly how.

See you at the workshop!

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