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by Julia
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Does dating seem like an unsolvable question?

Not only do you have to deal with women who ghost you, use you, and send mix signals, you also have to deal with your own insecurities.

That can include the feeling of inadequacy, low self image, confusion (on what to say and when), and overall incompetence around finding a loving partner.

Picture this for a moment…

You’re trying to talk to a woman you’re seriously interested in…

But deep down you’re haunted by your inner voices…

“She’s too good for me…”

“Man, I don’t stand a chance with her…”

“Why would she even “think” of going out with me?…”

Inner dialogues like these start playing all sorts of tricks with your mind.

Suddenly all these thoughts turn on your “emotional” switch…

And kill the “LOGICAL” part of your brain, making you feel nervous and insecure.

This is not your fault. The way you feel.

Whether it’s lack of understanding or lack of experience, or real fears of being hurt again or abused.

Our insecurites will show up one way or another and if we don’t have a plan to work through them, we will likely stay single….and WORSE….unhappy because we don’t know how to change it.

The webinar I invite you to join LIVE on Thursday November 30th at 7pm will guide you through the strategies to start getting what you want.

Whether that’s

…..feeling better about yourself

…..taking more action to meet women

…..having more confidence in yourself and your masculinity

…..knowing when/where to meet women

I’m going to teach you the tools you’ve been missing.

Learn what 97% of men fail to do when it comes to dating women…

Did I mention this webinar is free?!

That’s right. Join and leave your personal comments (anonymously or not) in the chat box to engage even more.

See you there!

Your favorite dating coach,

Julia Malakiman


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11-30-23 @ 07:00 PM to
11-30-23 @ 08:00 PM


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