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by Julia
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Are you afraid of talking to people in public settings?

Do you ever wish you could be more bold, courageous, (less shy & less out of your own head)?

Do you want to NOT hesitate when talking to strangers or assume you’re bothering them?

I’m going to walk you through the mindset shifts you need in order for that to happen.

Hey I’m Julia Malakiman, and I’m Silicon Valley’s Dating Coach. I help singles with approach anxiety, social anxiety, and shyness overcome their fears of so they feel confident and less self conscious in social settings.

I will give you the tools for building self confidence and then we will apply it by approaching multiple people. This is the best way to overcome our fears and not just learn something “intellectually” but actually use it in the real world.

Many of us struggle with “putting ourself out there”. Whether you’re a man or woman or any gender, the fear is universal. But once you have the tools and experience, that confidence will naturally build.

But confidence can only build if it’s put under pressure. The more you overcome your fears, the easier it gets.

Conversely, the more you hide because of fear, the easier that gets too.

Since Covid, a lot of us have felt isolation, loneliness, and boredom to an extreme degree.

We’re desperately craving socialization. We’re desperately craving becoming a version of ourself who isn’t afraid to talk to other humans.

Fun fact…a lot of humans are craving to talk to you too. They just never had the opportunity to do so.

At this event I’m going to support you and coach you through exposure practice. You’re going to step outside your normal comfort zone which is a GOOD THING. You’ll prove to yourself that the confidence within you is just waiting to get out.

Let’s reprogram your mindset and then TAKE ACTION.

This event is for anyone who wants to improve their confidence and social skills.

Your reasons for attending do not have to be dating or relationship related. You could want to attend to have more courage in your business, or to have better self-esteem. The rewards for joining this event are HUGE.

This event is for anyone who struggles with being too much in their head and self conscious. Since it’s a small group I’m going to coach each person on their limiting beliefs (can range from insecurities about how they look, talk, & what they have to offer). Then we actually apply our new skill set by approaching people we would be afraid to do otherwise. Don’t worry, I’m going to walk everyone through how to do this successfully.

This is going to be a small group. (only 3-5 people)

Part of this 2 hour event will be exposure therapy.

Please register to attend. There will be NO WALK UPS.

The location will be emailed to you upon registration.

Excited to have you there,

Julia Malakiman

Silicon Valley’s Dating Coach

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09-16-23 @ 02:00 PM to
09-16-23 @ 04:00 PM

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