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Don’t Ditch the Dating Apps

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Not yet at least. I know way too many people who’ve found the love of their life on dating apps such as Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble. Take my brother for example, who just got married 2 weeks ago. He met the sweetest girl on Tinder and after a few years they tied the knot. Most single people are on at least one dating app. So the demand is there, yet the outcome leaves much to be desired. 

Dating apps are crucial in this day and age. Especially in the Silicon Valley where everyone is consumed by technology and their phones, it makes sense to experience what dating apps have to offer. Unfortunately, most guys don’t know how to use the dating app properly. There is a right and wrong way to manage your profile and I’ll share with you (from a female’s perspective) how men can make themselves more attractive on dating apps. 

PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES. A picture speaks a thousand words and when your pictures are “bad”, especially the first photo, you can just throw in the towel right there. For the love of god, invest in a photoshoot, or camera, or a buddy to simply take nice headshots of you. Digging through your highschool or college photos is a major red flag to women. We can tell because the pictures are grainy, low res, and don’t match any other photo on your profile. 

So start off with good pictures. They don’t need to be funny or athletic or even overly happy. Just a couple pictures of your face and one or two full body pics is all you need. The first photo should not be you with a group of friends because that makes the girl have to guess which guy you are. And no photos with sunglasses. If I see a man that has more than one photo of him wearing sunglasses, I will almost immediately swipe left? Why? Because hiding your face leads us to believe that you’re insecure, therefore not the right partner. 

Also, you do not need unique or quirky photos. Save the artistic stuff for when you actually go on a few dates and you can reveal your personality in person. A strong profile has 6-8 photos that are recent (within the last year), show your full face (front facing with maybe 1-2 side profile photos) and at least 1-2 full body photos.

The content of your dating profile is also crucial. If she was on the fence with you by just looking at your photos, the text on your dating app can help you. Obviously, the more positive content the better. No girl likes hearing a negative nancy. Talk about who you are in a fun, light way. A hook or joke can be useful as a conversation starter. For personalized guidance on your dating app, email me at julia@svdatingcoach.com and I will help you draft a killer dating profile. 

Of course, the app is just the beginning. Once ladies start liking your profile, the real fun begins. And to be honest that’s where most guys mess it up. Check out my next article on messaging for how to keep the conversation going…in the right direction. 

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