Sunday March 12th 2-4pm - Live In-Person Workshop

Dating Workshop for Men

Learn how to:

✅ Have Confidence with Women

✅ Be Engaging but Not Desperate

✅ Online Dating Strategy

✅ Live Approaching Practice during the Workshop

✅ Pinpoint your Blind Spots

Led by dating expert, Julia Malakiman


March 12th 2-4pm (note daylight savings time)

1631 North First Street #200 San Jose, CA 95112

Cost $25
Registration required



This workshop is for men who are frustrated with dating in the Bay Area. Whether you were born here or immigrated, there are blind spots you’re unaware of.

As a female dating coach, I work specifically with men in the Bay Area so they become their most attractive self. Women can read desperation from a mile away which is why thousands of high quality women are single today.

But the truth is, men simply aren’t making moves to meet and keep high quality women in their lives. Mostly because they don’t know how.
I will show you step by the step how to date successfully.

The Dating Workshop for Men is an event for single males in the Silicon Valley to come and learn the skills of dating.

If you’re struggling with your confidence and your social skills around women, we are going to go over the fundamental pieces of attraction and how to keep women interested in you.

In this workshop, I will use your live examples and troubleshoot specific scenarios that have gone “wrong” in your past dating experiences.


This workshop will walk you through how to get the girl, be more confident, and have better social skills.


About your host….


Julia Malakiman is the leading dating expert for men in the Silicon Valley. She’s worked with hundreds of high achieving men to help them achieve their best romantic relationships.


Her work started years ago when she struggled finding confident men to date. Most were book or computer smart but lacked essential social skills during dates.


Julia found a way to combine mindset work with actual dating practice to help her clients establish true confidence and communication skills that last.




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