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Dating During the Holidays

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Oh what a beautiful time of the year! Lights are up, the Christmas cheer is out, it’s a perfect time to find a date and enjoy the festivities. I live in the Bay Area so there are plenty of things to do. Granted, it is raining for the next 10 days but we can work around that. There is Christmas in the Park in downtown San Jose. There are comedy shows happening at San Jose Improv theater. There are salsa and bachata lessons happening in Mountain View (and multiple cities). You can go for dinner and a movie. I hear the new Spider Man movie is worth watching.

There are literally so many things to do. I haven’t even mentioned websites like Meetup or Eventbrite where you can find tons of events happening near you. A cute first date idea can be a class of some sort or a paint and sip session. Even walking around the mall or Santana Row is fun with so much to look at. 

Make use of this time. Dating can be intimidating, especially when you don’t have a plan of action. Doing activities that focus on something other than you and your date can relieve stress and lighten the mood. From shows, to concerts, to gingerbread making and ice skating, the winter season is filled with things to do! Now go do them! 

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