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Dating coaching program

Are you tired of being alone?

Does this sound familiar?

  • You download and delete the dating apps often.
  • You’re not sure why women don’t match with you.
  • You have trouble talking to women in public.
  • You overthink the right approach and end up not saying anything to women.
  • You struggle knowing whether you can be in a successful relationship.
  • You wish dating could be easier and not drain you so much.
  • You’ve tried “figuring out” dating on your own with no success and you’re ready to change for good.

Let's Change Your Dating Trajectory for Good.

Private Coaching is NOT for the weak.

My program is only for men who want to:

What will happen?

As a dating coach for high achieving men, I am dedicated to helping you achieve the results specific to you. This means, my coaching is completely customized to your areas of stress, anxiety, and frustration. Keeping your concerns at the forefront, I will guide you through these fundamental areas that are unique to my coaching method.

1. Exposure

The perks of working with a coach in-person is that I will walk with you into the fire of your deepest fears. The skills that you wish to improve (communication, flirting, depth of conversation) is not going to be learned by reading books or getting lectured to. You actually have to go out there and do it. I will coach you in real time, on exactly how to improve your game and confidence around women. I will take you to different locations in San Jose as we change your entire relationship to dating and approaching women.

2. Mindset Fix

If you’re shy and fearful of speaking up in public situations, we work on the root issue. I work with you exactly where you’re at. We build of the foundational skills for building self confidence using my proven and unique method that tackles your biggest insecurities and limiting beliefs so they no longer hold you back.

3. Online Dating Reboot

If you get little to no matches by using online dating apps, something is going wrong. I help men master online dating by taking all new photos for them, helping them write amazing prompts and bios, and most importantly, you will learn how to engage with women on the apps that get you on dates faster and with women you’re actually interested in.

4. Relationship Psychology

Strengthen your relationship with women by learning how to communicate effectively and deeply. Most people struggle with staying in superficial conversation because they’re afraid to go deeper. Maybe it’s not knowing what to say or fearing disagreement on a date. As I coach you, you will learn how to open up around women and have more trust in yourself. You will learn what being in a relationship actually means and why you’re 100% capable of having one.

What Do You Want To Create?

No More Dating Confusion

Clients who come to me understand that what they’ve been doing hasn’t worked. The life of playing small and hiding from the world is no longer tolerable. The level of loneliness and hopelessness is so uncomfortable because you know you can do better. You have it within you to do more. We’re going to fix your problems together.

This requires taking more action. My unique coaching method will have you meeting a minimum of 30 women during the time we work together.

This is real. These are real women you are going to interact with.

The point of this exposure is have you interacting with more women.

Speaking to more women is what will develop your confidence, your social skills, and your resilience to doing hard things.

In the process of meeting many women, your standards for what you’re looking for in a partner will become more intentional.

Your ability to handle rejection and people’s opinions of you will improve drastically.

Your willingness to be seen and heard will impact your level of happiness.

You will be happier and less frustrated with dating by working with me on-one-one.

Date and socialize with women naturally and confidently so you attract the right life partner for you. No settling. No more holding back.

Are you ready?


We often look to our past to determine who we are.

If you got called a creep by a woman when you were younger or if a woman rejected you and called you out. That pain hurts.

Those labels we put on ourself “creepy”, “loser” “incel” “weird” are not who you actually are.

You may believe you’re those things but it’s simply not true.

Not matter how bad your game is with women.

No matter how little experience you have with women.

No matter your age, race, skin color, or height.

You are worthy of being loved and being “in love”.

I will show you how.

My proven method of coaching has worked on hundreds of men in the Bay Area. I teach you the best tools to feel confident in your skin and make impact in your romantic life that last.
Let’s start taking action toward the life you want. Not the one you’ve been settling for. 


What's Included in the program?

relationship coaching map

1:1 Coaching

From Shy to Jedi

$ 1500

Private Coaching that's action oriented, generating results, improving your public speaking skills and relationship with women. The key ingredients you need for finding a life partner.

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