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Meet 30 Women in 60 Days

Do you struggle meeting women?

Dating can be a rollercoaster of emotions, with twists and turns that leave many feeling dizzy and disoriented. It’s like navigating uncharted waters, where one wrong move can send you off-course.

That’s why having a skilled dating coach by your side is like having a trusty compass to guide you through the choppy seas of love.

Hiring a dating coach in Bay Area can be one of the best decisions you make when it comes to your love life. A professional dating coach can help you navigate the complicated world of relationships and provide you with valuable insights into what makes them work.

Perhaps you’ve tried online dating or going out to bars, but haven’t had much success finding someone special. That’s where hiring a relationship coach can really come in handy.

Whether it’s helping shy individuals gain confidence or guiding those who have been out of the dating game for a while, I will tailor my approach to fit your specific needs. Investing in yourself by hiring a professional dating coach is an investment in your future happiness.


“My coaching is different from any other coach in the silicon valley”
Meet 30 women in 60 days

Meet Women

Whether you're shy or introverted, you will be approaching beautiful women (with my by your side making it easy for you). Your social anxiety will lessen dramatically as you learn to hold conversation with any woman.

Build confidence

Overcome your fear of rejection, your fear of being "creepy", and your fear of being seen in public. My coaching method will build your self confidence so you feel good about yourself inside and out.

Date Authentically

No pickup artist tricks here. Learn how to naturally and organically attract women by showing up as your best version. Dating should not be frustrating, exhausting, or confusing. Learn the magic of dating with ease and massive succes.

Meet 30 Women in 60 Days

You fear being creepy.
You hate freezing up and stumbling on your words around women.
You want to stop overthinking and just be natural.

What if I told you all of this will all go away?

I teach men how to have easy conversation with women and more confidence in themself.


We practice what you fear most. Talking to women (more than just a friend).

We overcome your biggest fears.

I take you out into the field and we approach women live.

This is built up. 

I progress you through my specific coaching method so you’re prepared on exactly how to approach women in any setting.

  • We role play
  • You approach women as I guide you step by step
  • Your confidence improves
  • You master the art of dating
  • Attract your life partner

Julia Malakiman, M.A.

Dating and Relationship Coach

Growing up in the Bay Area, I am all too familiar with the tech bro, data wiz, and executive engineer being able to troubleshoot every part of their life, except perhaps the most important … their love life!

I knew this needed to change. Since I began serving as a confidence coach, I’ve helped people successfully attract and keep high quality partners, maintain thriving relationships, and accomplish huge goals. My love for learning keeps me sharp and my passion for coaching keeps me dedicated to my client’s success.

this is the dating coach (Julia))

Find your Life Partner

Become the best version of yourself. We will tackle your mental road blocks and then apply what you’ve learned during live training.

8 Week Program (Meet 30 women in 60 days)