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Life Coaching

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3 Month Package

6 Month Package

1 hour Weekly sessions

I help high achievers deal with stress and low confidence in the competitive and fast paced Sillicon Valley.

Whether you’re:
  • A teenager struggling with school, family, and extracurricular obligations, or
  • A high level engineer that feels stuck and wants to have a better work-life balance

I'm here for your success!

After you complete my life coaching program, you will:

  • Overcome the fear of judgment and rejection
  • Stop depending on external validation for your happiness
  • Become confident in your opinion and communication
  • Accept and love your body, mind, and contributions to this world
  • Create a future that excites you 
  • Accomplish the goals you’ve put off for too long
  • Enjoyed a balanced life with no burnout

If you’re ready to stop feeling anxious and overwhelmed with life, then you’re in the right place. 

My coaching is suited for teens and adults that:

  • Feel stuck,

  • Lack the joy for life,

  • Struggle creating a proper work-life balance, or

  • Simply want to change their same old patterns.

My coaching is for you if…..

  • You’re frustrated with your lack of motivation
  • You have goals but procrastinate and can’t accomplish them
  • Constantly compare yourself to others
  • Never have time for yourself 
  • Constantly try to please peers, parents, or loved ones
  • Don’t know why you struggle in relationships
  • Want more friends or deeper connections with people
  • Wish you treated your body better

When you have more self confidence, you will:

  • Set more goals
  • Take more action
  • Talk to more people
  • Take more risks
  • Achieve more
  • Believe beyond your current capability and capacity
  • Live into your future

Uncover your passion, potential, and possibilities