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Julia Malakiman, Silicon Valley’s Favorite Dating Coach & Expert

Gain Unshakeable Confidence To Build An Irresistible Personality And Draw Super-Beautiful Women Your Way.

No Matter How Highly Functional or Well-Established Most Men Are

They feel insecure, shy, anxious, and fearful when it comes to dating, flirting, talking, or even approaching beautiful girls.

Yes…they’ve got awesome careers and high-paying jobs as Software Developers, Managers, Engineers, or even Executive officers…

But they face unimaginable struggles while interacting with gorgeous women in any shape, size, or form…

Why Is That…?

That’s Where I Come In…

I help men from all sorts of backgrounds gain magnetic confidence, develop sophisticated flirting skills, and build an attraction-creating aura which brings out that side of their personality women crave and feel drawn to.
If you’re one of them then you’re at the right place. I’ve got your back.

Hey there…I’m Julia Malakiman

A full-time certified dating coach and a big boba tea lover.

For the past 4 years, I’ve coached over 65+ men to break free from their psychological and emotional barriers while empowering them to go from “Mr. Nice Guy” to becoming the highly confident personality women secretly crave.

However, I wasn’t always the dating expert in Silicon Valley as most guys know me today…

In fact, in my teenage years, I endlessly wrestled with my self-esteem issues which led me to develop massive mental blocks around my dating life.

As a result, I masked “being busy” as a means to avoid dating since I struggled to look or feel confident in myself.

After years of self-reflection, planings, coaching sessions, certifications, deep psychological studies about the hows and whys behind concepts like confidence, anxiety, attraction, intimacy, obsession, and more…

I finally overcame all of my excruciating mental blocks that stopped me from feeling love, joy, and interest…

And in the process, I gained the ultimate cognitive tools that I use today to help men like you ANNIHILATE the same or more severe mental and emotional blocks so that you can relish or achieve the dating life you so desire.

Does This Sound Like You

You’re just 10 weeks away from becoming the confident & highly authentic man who attracts beautiful girls, makes them give up their number, and eventually goes on dates with you while turning other guys green with envy through my 1:1 secret signature coaching program.

What My Clients Say About My 1:1 Signature Coaching Program

Julia is the best! She helped me increase my confidence so much in all aspects of my life - social as well as professional. I can not recommend her enough as a coach and mentor. She will take you to the next level in both dating and building your self confidence.

- Brayden, engineer

Overall, I have a pleasant experience with Julia. I'm glad she's my dating coach because she is helping me understand and capture the perspectives from my dates through a different lens. Through Julia's expertise, I learned to communicate more effectively.

- Linh, Engineer

Julia is very thoughtful and attentive. She listens very carefully to your concerns and addresses them methodically. Julia creates a nonjudgmental and supportive atmosphere for her clients and helps them effectively work through any psychological and interpersonal difficulties that may arise in dating.

- Sarosh

Very professional and reliable, excellent listener and coach! Julia's 8-week package is a combination of one-on-one discussions, written assignments to do at home, role-playing, and approaching women in real life. Julia will work with you on whatever may be holding you back when it comes to dating, and the lessons and self-confidence you gain will be helpful in all aspects of life. Her approach is tailored to your personal concerns, offering individualized feedback and dating advice. Think of working with her as learning how to overcome the aspects of yourself that are standing in the way of dating and also achieving in other areas.

– Tom, Librarian Manager

Julia is awesome! Her knowledge on relationships has really helped me come out of my shell and gain more confidence in how I talk to people. Her coaching style will take you out of your comfort zone and give you the ability to level up your dating skills. I would highly recommend Julia to anyone needing help, whether you’re single or coupled. She goes above and beyond to get you the results specific to your situation. I’m not scared of dating anymore or the fear of rejection. I’ve learned to embrace it and put myself out there in ways I haven’t before. She's super easy to talk to, and I couldn't be happier with the Results!

- Alec, Construction

It Starts by having a FREE Discovery Call

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I’ll create your action plan so you can start having success with women QUICKLY.

Your situation is unique and I’m going to show how the solution to your dating problem is easier than you think.

Spoiler Alert: I'm definitely not going to share some random dating advice that's available online or “cheap pick-up artists (PUA) stunts”. My simple but highly effective method is going to crack the code to your dating success.

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Men, If Not Millions…

…are suffering from deep emotional and psychological barriers silently that are stopping them from living the love life they were destined to enjoy…

And have little to no confidence, self-esteem, or cognitive control to approach beautiful women out there.

If you’re one of them…then you don’t have to suffer in silence anymore.

Let me help put all your dating woes to sleep and live the charming love life you always dreamt of…

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